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Just As Long As We’re Together

What happens when a new friend comes along and joins you and your best friend? How do the dynamics of the friendship change? Do you worry that your best friend will like the new friend better? Will they keep secrets from you? That’s what happens to Stephanie, as she struggles with her friendship and family problems.  

Read the book by Judy Blume to find out more.

Being ignored is not a nice feeling. Let’s see what these students have to say about being ignored.

HQ feels that her confidence would be reduced when it happens.

Zul knows that there must be a reason that they ignore him, and  nevertheless, they are still his friends.

For some, being ignored could mean the world around them collapsing. That’s what Ru might feel if that happens. Others may take a more proactive approach and  Meng will reflect why they ignore her and try to solve the problem. Let us know what you would do at our blog.