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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is about 4 friends who share the same pair of jeans and they learn about more about themselves. To read an excerpt of the book, click on this link.

Carmen bought a pair of worn and dirty jeans at a thrift shop. On the night before she and her friends part for the summer, they gather in her bedroom. Tibby, Lena and Bridget think the jeans are wonderful and they decide to try them on. Whoever wears the jeans best will get them.
It is almost like magic, but the jeans fitted everyone perfectly. Even Carmen who always feels she does not look good in anything feels great.

They decide to form a sisterhood and take the vow. Each will wear the pair of jeans for a period of time and then send it to the next person. The journey of the pants, and the most memorable summer of their lives begins.
Note: I first found out about this book from a movie of the same title. The movie was touching. One of them included a girl who wanted to make a documentary. A young girl keeps following her and later there is a poignant tale to it. Another goes to soccer camp and falls in love. Yet another goes to Greece to spend it with her relatives. There’s almost like a Romeo and Juliet kind of family rivalry involved. Carmen, played by America Ferrera of Ugly Betty fame, learns to love herself better.

There are four books in the series. 2 movies have been made so far. You may like to check out the movie website of The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants and also the blog of Ann Brashares, the author. If you are interested in the making of the movie, click on this link to the Scrapbook.

Food For Thought:  · Is there anything that you share with your friends? A bag, a soccer ball, a CD, or a pair of earphones? What’s so special about it? Let us know by replying to this post.


The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Twelve-year-old Amir wants to win the approval of his father, an extremely wealthy and well-respected merchant in Kabul, badly, but his studies aren’t that great, and he is not strong enough. The only way he can do so is by winning a kite fighting contest. He wants to show that he has the makings of a man.

Hassan is a great kite runner who is always able to know where the kite will land and he is always able to help Amir out of trouble. They are very good friends. Due to Hassan’s low social status, he is always taunted by Amir’s friends.

However, a terrible event happens to Hassan when he tries to protect the kite from Amir’s foe, and the friendship changes. This is a moving story set in Afghanistan about love, loyalty, vengeance and decisions.

This award-winning book is made into a movie.

Have you read the book yet? If you have, give your comments about how you feel about the book and the characters.