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The Grapevine Vol 1 Issue 2

The Grapevine Vol 1 Issue 2 will be launched very soon! The theme is ‘Love Is In The Air’. Come to the library for the new books available from Friday onwards.


Just As Long As We’re Together

What happens when a new friend comes along and joins you and your best friend? How do the dynamics of the friendship change? Do you worry that your best friend will like the new friend better? Will they keep secrets from you? That’s what happens to Stephanie, as she struggles with her friendship and family problems.  

Read the book by Judy Blume to find out more.

Being ignored is not a nice feeling. Let’s see what these students have to say about being ignored.

HQ feels that her confidence would be reduced when it happens.

Zul knows that there must be a reason that they ignore him, and  nevertheless, they are still his friends.

For some, being ignored could mean the world around them collapsing. That’s what Ru might feel if that happens. Others may take a more proactive approach and  Meng will reflect why they ignore her and try to solve the problem. Let us know what you would do at our blog.

Bridge To Terabithia

Jesse, a boy who feels left out, makes friends with a new student, Leslie. They created an imaginary kingdom, Terabithia, which is accessible by a rope over a creek. They name themselves the King and Queen, and go there after school where they can face their fears and escape a bully. A tragic event occurs, and Jesse attempts to deal with it. Eventually, he manages to build a bridge back to Terabithia.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is about 4 friends who share the same pair of jeans and they learn about more about themselves. To read an excerpt of the book, click on this link.

Carmen bought a pair of worn and dirty jeans at a thrift shop. On the night before she and her friends part for the summer, they gather in her bedroom. Tibby, Lena and Bridget think the jeans are wonderful and they decide to try them on. Whoever wears the jeans best will get them.
It is almost like magic, but the jeans fitted everyone perfectly. Even Carmen who always feels she does not look good in anything feels great.

They decide to form a sisterhood and take the vow. Each will wear the pair of jeans for a period of time and then send it to the next person. The journey of the pants, and the most memorable summer of their lives begins.
Note: I first found out about this book from a movie of the same title. The movie was touching. One of them included a girl who wanted to make a documentary. A young girl keeps following her and later there is a poignant tale to it. Another goes to soccer camp and falls in love. Yet another goes to Greece to spend it with her relatives. There’s almost like a Romeo and Juliet kind of family rivalry involved. Carmen, played by America Ferrera of Ugly Betty fame, learns to love herself better.

There are four books in the series. 2 movies have been made so far. You may like to check out the movie website of The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants and also the blog of Ann Brashares, the author. If you are interested in the making of the movie, click on this link to the Scrapbook.

Food For Thought:  · Is there anything that you share with your friends? A bag, a soccer ball, a CD, or a pair of earphones? What’s so special about it? Let us know by replying to this post.

Quiz – Who Moved My Cheese?

On some days, things just seem to go your way. You may manage to get the best score for the difficult Mathematics test. You happen to be the first in the queue for food at Café @ 21.

Of course, sometimes things may not go your way. You forget to bring your graph paper to the science laboratory. The traffic lights take too long to turn green.

Let’s see how you react to a little bit of bad luck.

You go to the local bakery and buy a cheese bun. However, when you reach home, you realise that the cheese bun does not have any cheese inside. It’s empty! What do you do?

A. Take the bun back to the shop and get a new one.
B. Say to yourself, “These things happen,” and eat the empty bun as it is.
C. Eat something else.
D. Try filling the empty bun with something else, such as peanut butter, or jam to make it taste better.

Click here to find out the answers

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5 Tips to Making Friends

Many of you are in a brand new class, and you may be feeling a little out of place without friends. So, what can you do to get out of your shell and make more friends? Check out some of the tips we have for you.

1. We all get nervous.
Most people are more scared than you are. You may think they are cool and calm, but they are just as scared as you are. Just smile and relax.

2. Irritating habits
The person with the irritating habit is usually the LAST to know. Talk to a friend you really trust, and who will not deliberately say hurtful things.

Work on the areas your friend has pointed out.

Some questions to ask your friends to help you be more self-aware of any irritating habits you may have:

    “Do I talk too much?”
    “Do I complain too much?”
    “Does my breath smell?”
    “Do I always use too much offensive language?”
    “Am I frequently late?”“Do I come across as bossy?”“Do I gossip too much?”

3. Like yourself first
Some people think that if they can just find some people to like them, they will be happy. WRONG! When you are miserable, you will only attract people who have big problems.

4. Avoid arguments
Don’t get into arguments with the attention seekers and fighters. You don’t have to join them. We can’t please people all the time, so just do better things with your time.

5. Keep your limits
You can depend on your friends, but there are limits. Don’t think you can keep borrowing pens and foolscap paper or even homework from your friend all the time.

At the same time, being close to people is no excuse to insult them. Let’s beware of offending each other.

Adapted from Making Friends: A Guide To Getting Along With People by Andrew Matthews

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Twelve-year-old Amir wants to win the approval of his father, an extremely wealthy and well-respected merchant in Kabul, badly, but his studies aren’t that great, and he is not strong enough. The only way he can do so is by winning a kite fighting contest. He wants to show that he has the makings of a man.

Hassan is a great kite runner who is always able to know where the kite will land and he is always able to help Amir out of trouble. They are very good friends. Due to Hassan’s low social status, he is always taunted by Amir’s friends.

However, a terrible event happens to Hassan when he tries to protect the kite from Amir’s foe, and the friendship changes. This is a moving story set in Afghanistan about love, loyalty, vengeance and decisions.

This award-winning book is made into a movie.

Have you read the book yet? If you have, give your comments about how you feel about the book and the characters.